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December 2020

Handsome Death


Finally finished this, which was #3 in the survey you all so helpfully responded to, to help me decide what to read next.

I dunno, maybe I'm just over vampires (she says, as a die-hard fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, whose favorite monsters in Supernatural are the vampires...well, except for the Leviathan - those were chock-full of sharp-toothed fun).

But I had trouble getting into this. I normally love Sara Dobie Bauer, and I didn't dislike this book but...sigh. I'm a firm believer that every book has a true fan out there, so if you like your vampires stalkery and violent and your vampires' boyfriends ethereal and perfect, then you'll love this one. At least there was A LOT of kinky sex in it, which I'm never going to complain about.


Clashing Hearts


Big-city outsider stirs trouble for stubborn cowboy in peaceful small town. City and country collide in this enemies-to-lovers, opposites attract, low-angst MM romance novel. I just started this one on a recommendation from a reader and am really looking forward to it. 

Thanks, Mish, for the rec!


Chasing Cassandra


Railway magnate Tom Severin is wealthy and powerful enough to satisfy any desire as soon as it arises. Anything—or anyone—is his for the asking. It should be simple to find the perfect wife—and from his first glimpse of Lady Cassandra Ravenel, he’s determined to have her. But the beautiful and quick-witted Cassandra is equally determined to marry for love—the one thing he can’t give.

Honestly, I don't read a lot of M/F romance these days, but this came highly recommended by a writing friend and it's been quite enjoyable so far. I also have a thing for railroad magnates - I'll read anything about them.

The Magpie Lord


Lucien Vaudrey never planned to return to England. But with the mysterious deaths of his father and brother, it seems the new Lord Crane has inherited an earldom and his family’s enemies. 

Magician Stephen Day has good reason to hate Crane’s family. Unfortunately, it’s his job to deal with supernatural threats. Besides, the earl is unlike any aristocrat he’s ever met, with the tattoos, the attitude... and the way Crane seems determined to get him into bed. 

Evil pervades Crane's house, a web of plots is closing round them, and if Stephen can’t find a way through it—they’re both going to die.

I'm re-reading this because it's one of my favorite historical paranormal m/m romances ever. Highly recommend! 

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