Anna Kensing's VIP reader community

Membership Tiers

Dabblers get:

  • Community discussions of popular queer romance books
  • Voting on the next book in the Book Club
  • The current chapter of the Hard Chrome Annotated Read-Along
  • Voting on the next Anna Kensing book to annotate
  • Community posts and chats with Anna Kensing and other club members

Divers get:

Everything in the Dabbler tier, plus:

  • Full access to the Annotated Read-Along of Anna Kensing's books
  • special edition, digitally signed, ebook at the end of the Read-Along, with all annotations, inspiration images, and author notes
  • Bonus content related to the worlds in Anna's books
  • Surprise posts of deleted and bonus scenes for Anna Kensing books
  • Early release of all books Anna publishes while you're a member of the Reading Room, before they're published on commercial platforms

Cephaloheads get:

Everything in the Dabbler and Diver tiers, plus:

  • Monthly group cocktail chat with Anna! Ask me anything, talk about any of my books or other books you're reading, whatever comes up!
  • Access to all published books in ebook and audio
  • Special surprise bonuses to show my appreciation for your awesomeness and support