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January 2022

Off Limits


Two guys who live in the same building messaging each other on a hookup app. Except the guy that Hutch is messaging turns out to be his sister's ex-husband, who broke his sister's heart and tore their close families apart when he came out as gay. 

Hutch wasn’t supposed to fall for him. Maddy didn’t deserve to get hurt again, and Hutch didn’t need another reason to feel like an outsider in his own family. Ryder was off-limits. Still, he couldn’t make himself stay away.


King Me


Three years ago FBI agent Dirk Falcon arrived at the scene of an art heist to find Kingston Wilde tied to a radiator, claiming to be an innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was only later he learned Kingston was actually Le Chaton, the elusive art thief he'd been tracking for years. Ever since, Falcon's made it his mission to get his hands on King again.

Which he does when a priceless artifact goes missing, and King is the only one who can help recover it. Falcon thought nothing could be worse than being forced to work with the egotistical SOB, but he was wrong. Falling for the charming art thief in the middle of an operation is way, way worse.

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