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May 2020

The Guy in the Window


Everett is in the middle of a nasty divorce when the adopted son of his estranged brother messages him on Facebook. He's kind of a dick at first but Adam shortly becomes “sort of" his nephew, then the guy who helps him find an apartment in the building next to his, then the guy who helps Everett patch up his relationship with his daughter.

Then they fall in love, natch. It's a sweet, sexy story with a bit of pseudo-incest thrill and an age gap.

Love Lessons


Landon doesn’t need anyone. So he’s confident that when he offers to train a nervous, sexy Dom, nothing will come of it.

But Dustin has some things to teach him, too. Because Dustin uses sign language and asks him questions that no one else bothers to ask. Because Dustin wants him, no matter how he presents his gender. Because when Landon rebels, Dustin’s there to keep him in line. And when Dustin makes him obey, it feels real.

I liked this one even better than the first book in this series!

Where the Devil Says Goodnight


Forgive me, Father, for I will sin

Adam. Catholic priest. Celibate. Does not yield to temptation.

Emil. Sinner. Seducer. Snake. Hot as hell itself.

Whoa, this story is dark. And disturbing. But kind of ticked all my boxes (forbidden love, conflicts between paganism and Catholicism, dark family secrets). Perfect distraction from my black mood!

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