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May 2022

Filthy Rock Stars


I just started this and it's so far delicious fun. 

Two strangers meet on the street when a tattooed bad boy gives a ride to a stranger and they have sex in the park. It's supposed to be a one-time thing, anonymous and exciting, but it turns into a once-a-week-or-so thing, still anonymous (they exchange fake names but don't tell each other who they really are). 

Turns out one of them is a rock star and the other shortly signs on to play with the other's biggest rival band. Secret identities, celebrity hijinks, a geek who becomes a rock star, and a rock star who's always been a bit of a geek--I'm sold!


Drawing Lines


Landing a job at one of the top talent agencies in Hollywood puts Ethan Rhys on track to accomplish all of his goals. He represents two of TV’s biggest stars, and he's earning enough money to help his family. So, why does he feel like something’s missing? What more could he want?

Enter Felix Lincoln, with his dimpled grin, ripped body, and inescapable charm. Wanting him has been Ethan's secret for years and Felix has had an equally long-term crush. 

Felix has never had much ambition to go after things far beyond his reach. But for Ethan? He might be willing to get on his tiptoes and stretch.




Okay, I've had this book on my list for ages and am now kicking myself that it took so long to get around to it. It's so great! 

I'm kinda iffy on books that are described as "dark romance." I love emotional angst (I'm a Supernatural fan, after all) but sometimes shit gets too depressing for me (like Season 9 of Supernatural). And serial killers and true psychopaths are generally not my bag. 

But Adam Mulvaney is spectacular and I love Noah, even as my heart breaks for what he'd gone through. The payoff is satisfying, the steamy scenes awesome, and I'm probably going to binge read the rest of the series now.


Kraken My Heart


I read book 1 of this series--Acsquidentally In Love--and really loved it. This one is...not quite as great as the first, and I'm not as taken with the main human character, Ted, as I was with the main human in the first book. But I'm totally in love with King Grell, the catlike immortal love interest and I haven't even gotten to his two cocks yet! 

I do appreciate the batshit crazy world-building in this series. Kat ain't holding nothing back and I love them for it. 

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