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September 2020



I don't think I can convey just how much I've loved the Phantom of the Opera. I've seen nearly every movie version ever made, there was a tv miniseries event in 1990 that I watched and rewatched until the VCR tape wore out, and I can still sing every line of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical version. I've even been to the Paris Opera House with my sister, though sadly we weren't allowed underground. An m/m version of Phantom? Hells to the yes!

Digital Minimalism


I've read and re-read Cal Newport's Deep Work book and I think this one is going to be similarly life-changing, if I can figure out how to craft a digital philosophy that works for me. I love connecting with readers and fellow writers on social media but boy howdy, can it take over my life in really unhealthy ways. I'm probably going to do the 30 day digital detox he outlines very soon, but my newsletter will always be a priority. 

Mr. Darcy's Bennet


Twenty years and three sisters later after her parents' decision to raise Elizabeth Bennet as a boy, Mr. Elias Bennet is content with her ruse. She may never find love, but her role offers freedom, and she is committed to seeing her sisters happy.

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy is not inclined to dockside brawls or improper passions. But he finds himself making an exception for mysterious Mr. Bennet.

An author friend just published this sweet and spicy gender-swapped novella and it is delightful.

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