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September 2021

Origin: Scales ‘N’ Spells Book 1


Dragon shifters! I dunno why it's taken me so long to jump on this bandwagon, but dragon shifters are my new favorite shifters (other than octopus shifters, obvs).

Cameron wants to make it clear that he did not go into the dragon festival in this German town to find a dragon mate. So how does he end up discovering his lost magic heritage, running from bad guys with a secret agenda, and being adopted by the not-so-extinct Fire Dragon clan? 

Cameron blames tall, dark, and sexy Alric, king of the Fire dragons. His fated mate. Because of course he is, and mates are meant to take the blame, right?


Subtle Blood


The last book of the Will Darling adventures, which I preordered as soon as the preorder went up, but put off reading a bit, largely because I didn't want this series to end. I'm quite satisfied with how it does, though, and now Imma read the whole series over again because it really is that good. 

Will Darling is all right. His business is doing well, and so is his illicit relationship with Kim Secretan--disgraced aristocrat, ex-spy, amateur book-dealer. It’s starting to feel like he’s got his life under control.

And then a brutal murder in a gentleman’s club plunges them back into the shadow world of crime, deception, and the power of privilege. Worse, it brings them up against Kim’s noble, hostile family, and his upper-class life where Will can never belong. 

With old and new enemies against them, and secrets on every side, Will and Kim have to fight for each other harder than ever—or be torn apart for good.

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