His Dad Will Do Bonus Guide

Thank you so much for reading His Dad Will Do! I hope you enjoyed Silas and Logan’s story.

I thought you might like to see some of the inspiration for this story, so I put together this bonus guide as an extra treat for newsletter subscribers.

Some of these images and links are NSFW, so mind where you are while scrolling.


Exterior of modern with a large two-story section and a smaller one-story section. Both sections have a lot of windows. There's a paved path curving to the front door and a sloping green lawn in front.

Source: Zillow

Logan's house

Westport, Connecticut is a real town, though Silas and Logan pretty much don’t leave the house during their weekend of revenge sexcapades. This house, which was for sale while I was writing this book, is the inspiration for Logan’s house.

The open living room/kitchen floor plan in Logan’s house. And a sofa big enough for all the filthy shenanigans they got up to on it?

The kitchen island where Silas sits and watches Logan cook and where they eat together.

A pair of boxer briefs from SAXX with bright red, orange, blue, and yellow horizontal stripes and a black waistband with the brand name emblazoned on the center front

Source: SAXX

Silas's boxer-briefs

Why SAXX? Because I’m a fan of the TV show Supernatural and Jared Padalecki likes them. Is Silas also a fan of the actor or the show? Could be. Coincidently(?) my cover designer picked a model who’s wearing shorts with a similarly wide waistband.

Source: Reddit

Silas's piercings

Someday, I’ll commission an illustration of Silas’s piercings with the rainbow beads. In the meantime, imagine white beads at the slit and just under the head and then the ladder beads go red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Silas doesn’t have the scrotum piercings this dude has (respect, man!) but maybe he gets them later? Another present from Logan?

Source: Zillow

Logan's bathroom

Nice, eh? I added the side jets to the shower but look at that tub! I supposed I missed an opportunity to write a scene where Logan and Silas take a bath together. Maybe in a future bonus chapter…

Actually...yes! In my VIP membership community, you can read some bonus scenes and Silas and Logan indeed take a bath together in bonus scene #2.

Oedipus Rex Adaptations

Like Logan, I didn’t have to read Oedipus Rex in high school English class, though we did read Antigone, The Odyssey, and Euripides’ Medea. So, I actually read the play while writing this book and did a completely unnecessary amount of research on various adaptations. And in my research, I came across this absolute gem: a YouTube movie version of the story, in 8 minutes, performed by vegetables.

“A sword and salad epic, in classic CinemaScope. Featuring a Potato, a Tomato, Broccoli, Garlic, and Billy Dee Williams as the Bartender.”

Watch it—I beg you—it’s outstanding. Mind the warning, though—it does have “vegetable sensuality.”

  • So many window in Logan's house!

    Can you blame Silas for freaking out a little at the prospect of Logan's neighbors seeing into the house?

  • The dining room table is where Logan works on his jigsaw puzzles. And bends Silas over for a spanking.

  • There’s no pool in the backyard of the inspiration house, but here’s the deck where Logan takes Silas when the weather improves. The privacy fence is probably sufficient to keep their…ahem…activities from view. Probably.

Stainless Steel Plug for Silas

This plug really does come (heh) in what looks like an oversized jewelry box and I love the hot pink satin that cushions it.

I don’t make everything up, folks!

  • Closed box for Njoy stainless steel plug
Metal chastity device with rings

Silas's Cage

I like the rings of this model (the same as Logan does) but they obviously don’t use the sounding rod that comes with this one, since Silas already has a metal rod through the head of his dick with the PA piercing. Researching cock cages for this story was really fun!

Source: chastityx.com

Logan's Jigsaw Puzzles

I love jigsaw puzzles as much as Logan does and similarly use them as a way of letting my mind wander and process things in the background. The puzzles described in the book are two that I own and worked on while writing this book.

  • Vintage 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle with image of a woman drinking foamy beer from a lidded tankard. Text at top reads Bieres de la Meuse
  • a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle with classic Maine imagery, including two lighthouses, a flock of puffins standing on a rock, a rocky coastline, a moose standing in a calm lake, and clams, lobsters, and blueberries

Chloe's Creative Insults

One of my sisters texted me this screenshot one day while I was writing and I just couldn’t not use it, you know?

Rustic Meat and Bean Pot

Logan makes this dish for Silas and we make this in my house pretty regularly. It’s an old Rachael Ray recipe from the Food Network and a great, reasonably quick, and fairly simple one-pot meal. We usually substitute pancetta for the bacon because it’s quicker and easier than cooking up bacon first. Also, we don’t eat a lot of bacon, so buying an entire package just for one slice for this dish is pretty wasteful. If we can’t find pancetta, we just skip the bacon entirely—it’s not like the rest of the dish lacks salty, meaty flavor.

a tie with a blue background and a pattern of small white daisies

Source: Moss Bros.

Logan's Tie

The one Silas imagines Logan tying him up with. You guys, the level of detail I research for you…😀

Proper Bondage Techniques

And speaking of research, I found a great website with detailed rope bondage instructions. Logan’s technique is stolen from here.

Logan and Lance's Christmas Tree Tradition

When I was growing up, we always decorated the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Until I was, like, 16 or so, I just considered it a family tradition, which was admittedly different than a lot of my friends who put their trees up in early or mid December. Until my mom confessed that she made it a family tradition because she had four young kids and needed something to occupy us in the face of constant badgering about when Santa Claus would arrive.

Honestly, since Lance is an only child, there’s no similar reason Logan and Lance would have had the same Christmas tradition when Lance was growing up. But also, Lance has his own life now, so it’s reasonable that he’d come visit his dad a day or two before Christmas and Logan would wait until he arrived so they could decorate the tree together.

Over the years, I suspect the construction paper ornaments Lance made in elementary school have been discarded but I bet Logan still had a handful of ornaments from his childhood. I’ve still got a handful of mine. I think I made this one in kindergarten or first grade? Gold aluminum foil cut into a star shape (probably by my teacher) and green glitter. It goes on my tree every year.

  • The Lyric Theatre is in the heart of Broadway’s theater district in Times Square. It was built over the foundations of two early 20th century theatres, the Lyric and the Apollo. The original Lyric opened in 1903 and hosted hugely successful musicals in the 1920s, then was a movie house from 1932 until 1992. The Apollo was originally a combined movie and vaudeville house, then hosted Broadway shows, burlesque shows, movies, and rock concerts.

    Source: The Lyric Theatre 
  • The theatre was completely redesigned to host Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which I saw in June 2022. The special effects for this show were absolutely stunning and the kind of effects I imagine would make Silas’s musical come to life, so I figure once Harry Potter closes, the theatre will need something equally spectacular to bring in audiences, right?

Thank you for reading!

I had so much fun writing Logan and Silas’s story and I hope you enjoyed reading it!

What's next?

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